Attracting and growing your website audience in 2017 is not easy.

Below I have included a few ways that are proven to increase website traffic and improve your website ranking but not everyone is taking advantage of.

There is massive competition on most niches, everyone is a content producer and publisher.

Whether social media content, blogs, video or podcast there is an abundance of content and content creators out there.

We live in an era where attention is the most valuable currency and those who have it reap the benefits.

So, how can you grow an audience and drive more website traffic?

We all know about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but what are some untapped sources that can drive quality traffic to your website for free or very cheap?

I have created a list of some of my favorite content promotion sources below and have included resources that go deep into how to best utilize each of them effectively for sustainable success.

One thing you can do if you haven’t already is to improve your writing and optimize your Instagram profile.

Let me know which one was most effective for you. if you have another recommendation you would like to see included in the list in the comments below.

1. Quora

Quora is a hugely popular social network with more than 100 million monthly unique visitors.

The main concept is that people ask questions and others answer. It is that simple.

However, the person answering your question may be Barak Obama or another leading figure.

The website is a great platform to be informed and share your knowledge and expertise with others.

Quora is great for building your personal brand, becoming an authority in your niche and to lead quality website traffic.

It is also a great place to stay up to date with your industry, network with influencers, meet people that share the same interests and see what people are talking about regarding a specific topic.

No matter what your niche or interest is you will probably find it on Quora.

Quora is a massive source of referral traffic for many blogs so do not neglect it. Both questions and answers receive upvotes.

The great part about it is that the traffic coming from Quora can last for months and If your Answer gets featured then prepare for a wave of new visitors to your site.


Dionis Kole   Quora - What you are not doing, but should, for higher rankings and website traffic

Quora Profile Example

How do you get started?

• Create a detailed About Me section

• Add your areas of expertise

• Include your interests

• Enter your cities,  schools & colleges you’ve attended

• Start Answering or Asking Questions

• Previous companies

• Connect your other social media accounts

You can follow my answers on Quora here.


How to Turn Quora into a Traffic-Driving Machine for Your Blog – Smartblogger

Growth Hacking 1,500+ Visits From Quora (GREY Hat) – Webris


2. Medium

Medium is an online blogging and publishing platform launched in 2012 that attracts over 100 million visitors a month.
Like Quora, on Medium you can find topics on any category that you can think of.
Popular categories include start-ups, writing, blogging, marketing, productivity and more. The platform keeps expanding and growing.
Medium is a huge referral source for many popular blogs and online publications.
The platform prides itself for its user-friendliness and minimalistic interface.
Many popular bloggers and publishers repurpose their old content and publish it on Medium.
They gain access to new users, attract new audiences for their blogs and build their personal brand.
Publishing on Medium couldn’t be easier.
Import a story on Medium 
Create a profile at, pick your interests and you are ready to go.
Here is how to publish an old blog post from your own website to Medium and give it new life.

Medium URL Publishing

Medium %E2%80%93 Read  write and share stories that matter - What you are not doing, but should, for higher rankings and website traffic

Once you have clicked on Stories you will see your old publications (if you have any) and two options on the top right.Create Story, then Import and follow the steps in the example below.

Create Story, then Import and follow the steps in the example below.

Final Steps of publishing on Medium

Import your story - What you are not doing, but should, for higher rankings and website traffic
Medium already includes a link to your site at the end of the post for your readers to follow.

Adding a call to action, links to your social media profiles or direct them to other relevant content on your site can increase engagement.

Experiment to see what works best for you.
New story %E2%80%93 Medium - What you are not doing, but should, for higher rankings and website traffic

Medium is very good at grabbing the content from your URL. Make some adjustments, ensure that the content is properly aligned and click publish.


3. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a content discovery platform established in 2011.

Although the website has seen better days, StumbleUpon is still a major referrer for websites and a hugely popular website, attracting over 15 million monthly visitors with 50% of them being in the United States.

Using StumbleUpon to drive traffic to your website is easy and straightforward.

First, become a Stumbler, pick your interest categories and complete your profile.

To promote your content all you must do is submit your article on StumbleUpon and pick the relevant categories you want your content to appear to.


It is important that you pick relevant to your content categories. By doing this your content appears to people that are interested in it and your website gets targeted traffic.


4.Quuu Promote

Quuu is a recently launched content curation platform for social media.

I am a big fan since it launched in January 2016 and since then it has grown significantly.

When you join Quuu, you are prompted to pick categories that interest you like Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Business Strategy and Email Marketing.

Once you have picked up your interests and how many times a day you want Quuu to post, connect your Buffer account and your social profiles you want the content to be shared.

That’s it, you are all set. Quuu will provide fresh, high quality, hand-curated content for your social profiles.

Content Curation Platform

So how can you drive quality traffic to your website with Quuu?

This is where the other part of their business comes in.

Quuu Promote, allows content creators to promote their blogs or articles in the form of social shares from other people’s accounts.

Pricing is very reasonable and your content gets amplified by reaching the audience of the people who shared it.

Make sure to include an engaging photo and tag yourself when you promote your content on Quuu. By doing this you drive traffic to your website as well as gain new social media followers.

Promote a post on Quuu

As the submitted content gets reviewed by a team of humans, there is a possibility that your promotion may be rejected. Make sure that your content is of high quality and meets their terms and conditions.

Quuu Promote - What you are not doing, but should, for higher rankings and website traffic

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is not only a place for creating digital wedding scrapbooks, it is also a great place for marketers, e-commerce sites, bloggers, influencers and more to grow their audience.

Pinterest has steadily been introducing professional features for businesses

More than 500,000 brands are now on the platform.

Also, it’s now estimated that 47% of U.S. online shoppers have made a purchase

based on a Pinterest recommendation.

Pinterest drives 41% of all referral traffic to top e-commerce sites, which makes it the #1 e-commerce traffic driver in the world (Facebook is second at 37%). In addition, a recent study states that people referred from Pinterest spend nearly twice as much as those referred by Facebook.

Here are some interesting Pinterest Stats.

• A pin is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet

• Each pin can drive up to 2 page visits and 6 page views

• E-commerce sites benefit from pinning as each pin can generate 78 cents

• The life of a pin is one week! Compare that to 24 minutes on Twitter and 90 minutes on Facebook.


Adding a custom email signature to every outgoing message you send can have multiple benefits.

  • Makes you look professional
  • Drives website traffic or directs them to a landing page, and your social media
  • Promotes your business with every email

Here is how my email signature looks.


Here is how you can do it too. 

There are many services that allow you to create a custom HTML email signature but the one I prefer and is completely free and simple to use,

Custom HTML email with mysignature

Once you have achieved your preferred look it is time to add it as your default email signature.

Here is how to add your new email signature to Gmail.

  1. Click the Settings gear in your Gmail toolbar.
  2. Select Settings from the menu that will have appeared.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Make sure the desired account is selected under Signature.
  5. Paste the code you copied in the field.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Adding custom signature to Outlook mail client.

And here is how to add it to Outlook

  1. Create a new email message.
  2. On the Message tab, in the Include group, choose Signature > Signatures.
  3. Under Select signature to edit, choose New, and in the New Signature dialogue box, paste the code you just copied.

When you are done it should look like this.

The process is similar no matter what email client you are using.

Another great tool, with both free and premium features, that does the same thing is Wisestamp.


7. Create a free online course

There are plenty of websites that allow you to publish your online course for free.  Udemy, Open Learning, Invanto, and Teachable are just a few.

If that sounds like too much trouble, there are plenty of ways to self-host your online course or the simplest and easiest way possible, publish it on Youtube.

Why publish an online course? 

There are many reasons why you might think publishing an online course for free is not a good idea.

  • Takes too much time
  • Why share knowledge and expertise for free
  • It is too technical
  • I have never done it before
  • etc

Trust me, I know how it feels to share the knowledge and expertise acquired by many years of trial and error with strangers for free.


The benefits far outweigh the cons.

Yes, creating your course takes too much time, but you only have to do it once.

Yes, you share the content for free, but you get access to millions of prospective customers who now see you as an authority in your industry and are more willing to spend money with you.

It doesn’t matter what your business is about.

If you are a gardener you can still benefit from a free online course.

Let’s say for example you are a gardener in California.

You create an online course about the basics of gardening, how to keep your plants free of pests and healthy etc.

The course receives hundreds of positive reviews and your personal brand has received a significant boost.

You can email the course to our existing customers or promote it online to your local area.

By promoting your course you now see a significant increase to your website traffic and incoming leads.

You have successfully differentiated yourself from your competition and have become an authority in your area of expertise.


There are is lot more that goes into driving website traffic, improving your search engine rankings and building a personal brand online.

I included seven strategies that I have seen to drive significant results but are not used by many people.

Let me know what your favorite is or if you have a strategy or tactic that I did not mention here.

We publish content like this regularly, so make sure you don’t miss it by subscribing.

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