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Marketing Kitchen helps people grow their business online by teaching strategies, tactics, and tips that work.


Marketing Kitchen will teach you the lessons learned over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry.

If you are trying to learn new ways to promote and grow your business online you have come to the right place.

Dionis Kole, the founder of Marketing Kitchen will be putting together the ingredients that will help you create delicious marketing success for your business.

He has worked with some of the worlds largest brands and generated $85+ Million for his clients. Dionis has spent over $3.2 Million in digital marketing & advertising and through Marketing Kitchen he will be sharing what he has learned.

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  • You will find free tutorials, guides, and tips packed with actionable strategies that will help you differentiate and dominate your competition.
  • Step by step tactics that will help you reach your audience effectively and efficiently.
  • Learn a new skill or improve on your own.
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What is Marketing Kitchen?

Having worked for advertising agencies across the globe, Dionis realized that unless a client had a large budget ad agencies wouldn’t even talk to them.
This left some of the small to medium size businesses with two options.
Develop marketing campaigns themselves or hire a freelancer providing internet marketing services to do it for them.
This often results in a waste of resources.
As a business owner, you know that nobody knows your business and customers better than you do.

So why not do your business’s online advertising yourself?

This is the reason Marketing Kitchen exists.
To be a complete resource of tactics, strategies, tools, and tips for small to medium size business owners.
Marketing Kitchen is a website where Startup founders, entrepreneurs, freelancers or anyone else who wants to better market their business and services can develop and improve their marketing skills.
If you want to learn:
  • How to target an ad to reach your audience
  • Do social media marketing
  • Grow your business online,
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy
  • and Grow a successful online business
you’ve come to the right place.


Web marketing is easy

Once you understand the fundamentals, you will be able to develop a digital marketing strategy and execute it with precision.
Whether starting from zero or already possessing a basic understanding of online marketing there is always something new to learn.
Head over to the resources page and see some of our favorite tools and marketing software that you can get started with for free.
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What can you learn here?

Marketing Kitchen publishes free and easily accessible content on various topics:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development & Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Magnets & Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Creation & Promotion
  • Email Marketing and more…

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About Dionis

My passion is to inspire and educate others on marketing topics. This is the reason I started Marketing Kitchen.

My passion is to inspire and educate others on marketing topics. This is the reason I started Marketing Kitchen.

Over the years, my friends and colleagues encouraged me to teach others on the topic but I never did, except a few guest lectures at universities and one on one consulting, up until now.

I grew up in Greece and became passionate about all things marketing at the age of 18.

I ditched my dream of becoming a computer engineer, something that I have been working on and pursuing up until that point in my life, to study business and marketing.

I landed my first job in Marketing in one of Greece’s largest Pharmaceuticals and became obsessed with the field.

After 5 years of working there, I moved to London for my postgraduate degree in Marketing Communications while working in a PR and advertising agency at the same time.

Despite having a great job, amazing colleagues and clients I felt that I needed a change after 2 years in the agency.

That’s when I decided to permanently move to Thailand.

Despite not knowing the language and being unfamiliar with the culture I landed a job as Strategic Planning Director in a small digital marketing agency in Bangkok.

One year later, Platform, the agency had grown from 10 people and working with small to medium clients to over 30 and handling accounts for some of Thailand’s top 10 brands like Mc Donalds, Singha and more.

Two years later I left my job at Platform to pursue new challenges.

I took a month’s long holiday across Europe and came back to Bangkok refreshed.

I decided to work independently and to my surprise and delight, landed freelance jobs that provided me more income in two months than I’d made in 8 months in my previous job.

Other than helping my clients, I am also passionate about Marketing Kitchen.

Not only it helps me stay up to date with the latest in the industry but also your feedback has been invaluable.

So through this website, I teach and I learn.

Sincerely, thank you for being here. If you have any feedback, criticism or want to say hi send me a message at [email protected]

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